David Bowie: 14 great perfomances
Provided by Rolling Stone Magazine who has selected this magnificent collection
I have chosen 14 of the 15 performances. (Click here to acces the Rolling Stone page)
Starman (1972)
It was the first time a mass audience met Ziggy Stardust and the newly formed Spiders From Mars. The appearance made Bowie an idol to kids all across England
Rock and Roll Suicide(1973)
Where Ziggy Stardust famously announced: "Not only is it the last show of the tour, it's the last show we'll ever do.”
Well, Ziggy did leave the scene, but Bowie lived on.
Young Americans
Live at Dick Cavett Show 1974
After the depart of Ziggy, Bowie came back onto the scene the very next year with a radically different look and sound, inspired by American soul music.
Live at the Dinah Shore Show January 3rd 1976.
From the1975 masterpiece Station to Station.
Beauty and the Beast (1978)
"A stellar performance of Beauty and the Beast from the period."
China Girl
"After taking a five-year break from the road, Bowie returned in huge way to promote Let's Dance. The album was so massively popular, he was able to play stadiums for the only time in his career."
Absolute Beginners
From the Glass Spider Tour 1978
Space Oddity
From the Sound & Vision Tour 1990
"The tour was so innovative that Bono and the Edge checked it out for inspiration when they were putting together U2's Zoo TV. Every night opened with Space Oddity."
I'm Afraid of the Americans
"Throughout most of the 1990s, Bowie stuck firmly to his pledge to never play his old hits again. Thankfully, he cut a new one in 1997 with I'm Afraid of Americans. Here's a live take on I'm Afraid of Americans."
Thursday’s Child (1999)
From VH1 "Storytellers."
"After years of trying to sound modern, Bowie simply decided to give up the fight and focus on putting together a collection of great songs for his 1999 LP, Hours."
New Killer Star (2003)
"Nobody knew it at the time, but David Bowie's 2003–04 tour in support of the album Reality would be his final time on the road. He went out with a bang. Here is New Killer Star, one of the standout tracks from the woefully underrated Reality"
Heroes (2004)
Live at Hurricane Festival.
"The 2004 leg of the Reality Tour wasn't supposed to end at Germany's Hurricane Festival on June 25th, but Bowie experienced severe chest pain before taking the stage that night. Bowie is clearly in pain during this performance of Heroes, but he still gives it his all.
Life on Mars (2005)
The Fashion Rocks event 2005.
"For some reason, he has a black eye and looked very frail. It makes the performance all the more poignant and powerful. It seemed like the beginning of a live comeback, but sadly that wasn't to be."
Changes (2006)
Black Ball NY, 2006
Alicia Keys joined him for the final performance, Changes. This was one of his earliest hits, where he warned the rock establishment "pretty soon you're going to get older," so it was an appropriate note to go out on.