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Bob Dylan, album cover, Triplicate Back

Bob Dylan's latest release
The Triplicate triple album

"The Triplicate Tour", April 2017
Excellent collections of soundtracks. No footage. Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

Tell Ol' Bill Sessions
A gem for all Bob Dylan admirers. Dylan and his band are working their way through several takes to get it right.

"Oh Bob Dylan, he's no prophet"
The making of 'Slow Train Coming' and 'Saved'. An article by Matt Waks (summary)

Dylan quotes and punchlines
Just for fun. There is a Bob Dylan quote for every occasion

Why Dylan Matters
New book by Richard F. Thomas

A song and dance man, a compilation video
Watch Dylan having a great time on stage.

Video illustrations to two Dylan songs
Simple Twist Of Fate and Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts