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The ultimate collection of Bob Dylan's lyrics
The lyrics to all the studio recordings

Music videos
A comprehensive bunch of videos
Most of it can be found on YouTube, but I have selected and classified the videos to make it easy to find what you'd like to watch.

The Colorado live performance
One of the very best concert performances to be found.

Tangled Up In Blue in many ways
A popular song at YouTube
Video with alternate set of lyrics

Dylan at the Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame 1988


A few examples derived from Essays On Dylan

An enigmatic set of lyrics. A mystery.

A study on mortality

Busy Burning Bridges Behind
Dylan turns his back to folk

Moore Blood More Tracks

The Brazil Series
The painter, Bob Dylan

The True History Of The Travelling Wilburys (2007)

Bob Dylan's Secret Archives have been opened
Featuring among others:
The New York recordings of Blood On The Tracks.

How Patti Smith met Bob Dylan
and how they sang Dark Eyes together

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Essays On Dylan, The Lyrics 1962-1966

A Bob Dylan primer, subdivided in short essays.
Essays On Dylan leads you through the early lyrics from the beginning in 1962 and up to Blonde On Blonde, released 1966.
How well do you know Bob Dylan’s lyrics? Would you like to know more? Or have you known the old songwriter for years without going deeply into the lyrics?
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Dylan quotes and punchlines
Just for fun. There is a Bob Dylan quote for each and every occasion

"Oh Bob Dylan, he's no prophet"
The making of 'Slow Train Coming' and 'Saved'. An article by Matt Waks (find it under miscellaneous)

Why Dylan Matters
by Richard F. Thomas (find it under miscellaneous)

Watch Dylan enjoying himself on stage

Simple Twist Of Fate and Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts illustrated

Bob Dylan's Speech at the 2015 MusiCares Award

The intriguing story of Bob Dylan and the Nobel Prize
The day by day progress.
The banquet speech.
The reception lecture.
Patti Smith interview - "I was humiliated and ashamed".

Bob Dylan awarded Oscar for Best Original Song
Watch the official video
Watch videos from the ceremony