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Essays On Dylan. The lyrics 1962-1966 Back

Essays On Dylan, The lyrics 1962-1966

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A Bob Dylan primer, subdivided in short essays.
Essays On Dylan leads you through the early lyrics from the beginning in 1962 and up to Blonde On Blonde, released 1966.
How well do you know Bob Dylan’s lyrics? Would you like to know more? Or have you known the old songwriter for years without going deeply into the lyrics?

Explains his symbols and metaphors song by song.
Essays On Dylan provides a thorough but also unpretentious and entertaining introduction to Bob Dylan's early lyrics. Song by song the lyrics are analyzed and the main emphasis is on interpreting the individual songs in their entirety, rather than drawing singular lines or sentences out of context.

Songs are categorised, easy overview.
During the walk through the songs they are categorized, reflecting the artistic development of Bob Dylan's lyrics. Likewise, often used symbols and archetypes are accounted for.

Reasons for Nobel Prize.
Bob Dylan started out being part of the folk community and the lyrics he wrote were political like everybody else's. But even from the start Bob Dylan's lyrics had a twist. They were original and highly poetic and they took songwriting to a higher level. Later on he combined those lyrics with temporary rock music and became the most original song maker of his time. In fact rock music never became the same after that.