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This is our contribution the Campaign to Support CRPD Absolute Prohibition of Commitment and Forced Treatment and the right to say NO.

I wrote the story about Luise. How forced treatment ended up with her death. Mental health problem is not a deadly disease. It is not a disease att all. Still unfortunately the death rate because of psychiatric treatment is very high. And much of the treatment is carried out by force.

Watch the video with professor Peter Gøtzsche talking about Dear Luise and the forced treatment she experienced at a conference in Copenhagen September 16, 2015. (Click at the image).


And I can't stop wondering if the psychiatrists really believe in their dogma, -launched in the eighties- that explains mental health illnesses as caused by a biochemical disorder in the brain. A disorder which can only be repaired/balanced by psychotropics. I also wonder if the mental health care staff believe that forced treatment helps mental ill persons to recover faster - or have they simply forgotten that they are dealing with human beings instead of "interesting research subjects"?

Psychiatry gone astray

An article written by professor Peter Gøtzsche in a major Danish newspaper in February 2014. He listed ten myths that psychiatrists use to make their patients take the drugs often against their will. Among others that people with schizophrenia have a biochemical disease that can be cured with psychotropics. An article that made him widely unpopular. Read the article here.

Click on the image to watch the video.

  Cause of Death Unknown. Carrying photos of our dead relatives.  

Cause of Death – Unknown: A documentary by the Norwegian film maker Anniken Hoel.
The film had world premiere in Denmark in March 2017.

Dead in Psychiatric Care held a demonstration outside the cinema where each person carried a photo of their dead relative. The demo was held before the film started.

This demonstration was held  as evidence of the cruelty committed against our beloved. We want this dangerous (over)medication to stop. It spoils peoples lives and very often it takes peoples lives. 

Click here to watch a video from the demonstrastion.


At the end of the of the film Anniken asked all us with a photo to stand up:
What you see below is only from a corner of the cinema. There were people all over the cinema carrying photos of our dead relatives.

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